About Us

Mission Statement

  1. Always provide the customer with the best termite and pest control services
  2. Always give the customer a price that is fair to both parties
  3. Always make the experience a joy for the customer
  4. Always warranty the work we perform

Vision Statement
To become a premier company of choice for termite and pest control services in Hawaii. And to deliver this goal by careful planning and performing quality work. Also, delivering a good and delightful experience to the customer thus setting ourselves apart as the most sought after pest control company in Hawaii.

Diversified Exterminators is dedicated to continual quality improvement. We recognize the importance of listening to our customers and giving the services that they need. We fully understand that every customer transaction has the potential to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why? Because each customer will influence others to make decisions to buy from Diversified Exterminators, depending on how well they were treated by us. We want every customer to be delighted with every aspect of their buying experience with Diversified Exterminators. We have dedicated the personnel and financial resources to enable us to achieve our vision and fulfill our mission.

Do what's right
Do the best you can
Treat others as you would have others treat you

Exterminators, Inc. began business in October 1, 1972. It was a modest beginning with three employees and two trucks. The principals of the company performed much of the work, which covered the full spectrum of pest control services - termites, ants, fleas, rodents, birds, cockroaches and many other pests. The company was successful and has grown to Hawaii's largest locally owned termite and pest control company. We believe the reason for this success is our dedication, integrity and commitment to providing superior service - doing the very best we know how.

In 1981, Exterminators, Inc. purchased the long established Diversey Pest Control Company, founded in 1941. Shortly after this acquisition, the two companies were merged to become Diversified Exterminators.

In 1994 Diversified Exterminators was selected for Dow AgroScience to cooperate in a field research program in Honolulu, prior to launching the commercial use of Sentricon. Subsequent to the successful field research, Diversified Exterminators was one of the first companies to be authorized by Dow AgroScience to use the Sentricon System commercially. Therefore, Diversified Exterminators is one the of the most experienced as well as the largest locally owned supplier of Sentricon Systems in the state of Hawaii.

In 1993, Green Magic, Inc. purchased the assets of Diversified Exterminators, Inc. and Exterminators, Inc. The company is registered in the State of Hawaii as Green Magic, Inc. dba Diversified Exterminators The rendering of Quality Service to our Customers by Diversified Exterminators is an ongoing commitment.

As Hawaii's oldest and largest locally-owned Pest Control Company, we "cover" all the major islands including Molokai. In 1994, we fumigated and ground treated all the structures on Kalaupapa where the Leper Colony is located.

On Oahu our work force of 50 plus and our fleet of 35 plus vehicles help us provide that 'stitch in time that saves nine' and provides our many customers with the timely service they have come to expect.

The company takes pride in keeping abreast of the latest scientific developments in the Pest Control Field. We utilize the services of a qualified Entomologist & Pest Management consultant to provide technical support in all phases of termite and pest control. And, we have a full-time employee with a background in Mechanical Engineering which enables him to design and develop special equipment for difficult jobs and for daily operations as well.

In line with it's policy of tight operations controls and using the most effective business methods and procedures possible. Diversified Exterminators' current Manager holds a Masters of Business Management Degree.